Ravalli Co. releases current costs to date on treasurer's office calamity


HAMILTON, Mont. - Since embattled treasurer Valerie Stamey was placed on administrative leave on January 23, Ravalli County to-date has paid $3,880 for her wages.

Earlier this week, commissioners approved a lawsuit against her for 58 counts of failing to provide county agencies with timely financial reports.

To-date, the county also paid $3,700 in wages to Kathy Allard, the former Beaverhead County treasurer, contracted to get Stamey's office in order. Allard has received $1,050 for lodging, meals and transportation costs.

Altogether, that's a total of about $8,700 to pay both women.

There's a good chance the bill go up about another $3,000 if Allard's stay is extended to complete the myriad work.

"We may ask her to extend a couple weeks to help us out," said County Human Resources Director Robert Jenni. "We've made really good progress so far," said Jenni. "Things are getting done and the department has been running on-track since she came here. Everything is going forward and has worked out well."

Ravalli County doesn't have bills for an independent audit being conducted in the treasurer's office, nor has it received a bill for an ongoing investigation into Stamey's allegations of corruption in the treasurer's office.

There are other bills the county has had to pay. There was a bill of $140 to re-key the doors in the treasurer's office after Stamey was removed. There's also a $70 bill for insufficient funds drawn against Lone Rock School because of late payment by Ravalli County. It's likely the bills will keep going up.

Stamey remains on paid administrative leave, and county officials said she is entitled to payment while the investigation continues.

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