Reality show to feature transplanted New Yorkers living Montana dream


HAMILTON, Mont. - Hamilton will get national face time in October, when Outdoor Channel begins airing the first season of "The Gunfather."

It's a reality show on the day-to-day lives of a transplanted, multi-generation New York family, and their adventures buying, selling and restoring guns.

NBC Montana got an exclusive behind the scenes look.

Crews on Thursday filmed scenes at the Tuminaro family's high-end, collectible gun shop in downtown Hamilton.

"The name of the show is called 'The Gunfather,'" said Louie Tuminaro. "That's me."

Louie, his wife Theresa, and Louie's dad Joe Tuminaro, are featured stars in the show. They're a close-knit Italian family, all working in the gun business.

"A la familia," said Joe, "as they say in Italian. It's all about family."

"'The Gunfather' is about our crazy New York family," said Theresa, "moving from New York to Montana to pursue a dream that my husband had, to open up a gun shop."

Louie is an energetic Long Island guy with lots of flash. He said he's slowed down from New York's 110-mile an hour pace.

Slower-paced Montana may have changed him.

"I might have went from 110 to 105," said Louie. "That's just me. That's how I do it."

Louie pitched the idea of "fish out of water" New Yorkers, as he calls the family, living their Montana dream.

It's not just about guns.

"It's about picking up your family and moving to an entirely different culture across the country," said James Brion, the president of Magnum Global Media, "and then trying to figure it out."

The colorful, fast-talking Tuminaro family has something in common with many of their Montana neighbors. They spent a lifetime hunting and loving guns -- in New York.

Season one of "The Gunfather" will feature seven half-hour episodes, starting in October on Outdoor Channel.

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