Relief in sight for Gallatin Gateway residents along the river


GALLATIN GATEWAY, Mont. - An ice jam in Gallatin Gateway left people stranded in their homes, caused flooding, and road closures. Now in the third week in January, relief may be in sight for those residents along the Gallatin River. Sunday afternoon we headed out to Gallatin Gateway to find the water is flowing again where just a few weeks ago it was filled with ice. The ice is also breaking up along the river banks. Officials with Gallatin County Emergency Management say that is a good sign and will hopefully create room for water in the river channel. We spoke to Glenna Dehram who has property on Axtell Gateway Road. She has been in the area since the 1970's and like many of her neighbors, has never seen an ice jam like this one. Dehram came back to her property Sunday morning to check on some of her animals and tells us she was relieved to see the water had receded. "It was such a weird feeling to know that you can't drive down that road, that peoples homes were at risk and couldn't get out. It was just a relief this morning when I came here and saw the water had receded that much. I was thrilled," said Dehram. While flood waters have receded in some areas, Gallatin County Emergency Management officials want residents to keep in mind the situation is dynamic and could change quickly with the weather.