Report on Ravalli Treasurer's office creates mixed reaction in community


MISSOULA, Mont. - We're continuing to gather new reaction on retired judge Nels Swandal's report released Thursday, which stated that Swandal found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the Ravalli County Treasurer's Office. Stamey had made allegations of corruption against multiple county officials and workers.

Swandal's report also stated Stamey should have made more effort to learn her duties and responsibilities.

Commissioner Suzy Foss tells us she thinks Swandal didn't perform a true investigation, and says it was limited. She says from what she knew, Stamey was a dedicated worker who put in extra hours on nights and weekends.

"I think that the goal of this particular investigation was to try and make everybody come out looking okay without getting into the realities," said Foss.

Former treasurer JoAnne Johnson tells us from the beginning that Stamey didn't appear to be interested in how the office worked or how the money was receipted and reconciled.

"It was like, from the get-go, she was not cooperative. She didn't want to learn. She wouldn't sit down with me and let me teach her things," said Johnson.

Ravalli Commissioner Greg Chilcott tells us commissioners are expected to schedule a meeting next week with the Ravalli County Attorney's office to discuss further action about the Treasurer's Office.