Reports indicate FBI investigation of Ravalli Co. Treasurer's office underway


HAMILTON, Mont. - Earlier this week, Ravalli County officials confirmed the FBI was conducting an investigation into the treasurer's office. Now, there are indications it's proceeding.

Interim treasurer Valerie Stamey has alleged corruption in the office she was removed from. She asked for the feds to look into her claims.

There are reports this week that FBI agents presented credentials and followed an employee, who worked under Stamey, home from work.

Motor Vehicles Supervisor Bonnie Dugan said, "We haven't seen them in the office, but there's been an employee who was questioned at her residence, and that's all we've heard at this point."

Stamey has accused Dugan, as well as many other county employees of wrongdoing.

Dugan said news of the FBI investigation has generated a great deal of interest in the community. She said she has answered phone calls from the public asking if the phones have been tapped.

Commissioners are fining Stamey $29,000 for alleged infractions for failing to submit financial reports on time. She remains on paid administrative leave.