Residents on Butte street deal with frequent car crashes


BUTTE, Mont. - In the past two weeks residents living on Butte's George Street have witnessed the aftermath of vehicles hitting two houses.

George Street is located close to the Lowell and Oregon Avenue corridor and is a main connector between Harrison Avenue and Montana Street.

Residents blame the crashes on the way the street is designed. According to city roads officials it was originally designed as an alleyway before being converted into a busy two-way road.

Mary Sutherland, who lives on George Street, told NBC Montana her house was hit by a car on Saturday when she wasn't home.

She said her neighbor's house across the street was hit two weeks ago.

Sutherland says people often drive over the speed limit of 15 mph and don't pay attention to the stop signs.

"Every single house on that corridor of George has had a house, a fence, an animal -- every single house on that corridor has had something hit. My fence has been hit 12 times in seven years," Sutherland said.

Nick Sandford, a roads engineer for the Butte-Silver Bow Public Works Department, says widening the road is not possible without going into other people's properties.

He says the department does not have any plans to change George Street.