Residents watch rivers levels after snow, rain


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin County is currently under a flood watch.

Our First Alert team is cautioning residents of northern Gallatin County to be on the lookout for rising water over the next several days.

Here are some of the area that forecasters say folks should be concerned with: Swamp Road, north of Belgrade; Dry Creek Road, between Belgrade and Manhattan; and Penwell Bridge Road, running east from Dry Creek Road.

There is the potential that the East Gallatin River could top its banks later this week or this weekend because of rain or snowmelt.

Residents living near the river tell us they're keeping a close eye for signs of flooding and watching water levels in case of snow melt. But most say right now, they don't see much reason to be worried.

Homeowner Dan Gebhardt told us, "I think we're OK because the river's as high right now as I've ever seen it, and I don't have a problem here, so I think we'll be OK. Although it did snow so if it warms up that could change things a little bit."

The flood watch is expected to remain in place through the weekend.