Restoration work completed at Bozeman Creek


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Months of digging and cleaning are coming to a close at Bozeman's Bogert Park. That is where city crews just concluded a restoration of Bozeman Creek.

Work includes a new bend in the creek's path to increase flood capacity and enhance fish habitat as well as plant life.

Debris, like concrete slabs, was removed from the waterway. Several trees with exposed trunks were also removed and relocated.

City officials hope the upgrades will improve water quality. Bozeman's Trails, Open Space and Parks Bond manager, Carolyn Poissant, says water quality is something the city has been trying to get a handle on.

"What this does is it helps slow the current down. Some of the sediments can now drop out and then new vegetation can form over that," Poissant said.

Upgrades are not only in the water. A new handicap-accessible swing set was added to the park, and the playground was relocated. There is also a new pedestrian bridge connecting the park to Koch Street.

The changes are years in the making. Planning started in 2010.

"This is just a really nice park for all kinds of things so it's been a really nice addition," Poissant said.

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