Reynolds continues to thrive with Rams


MISSOULA, Mont. - After two years spent on the St. Louis practice squad, last season was a huge step forward for Chase Reynolds. The former Griz star made a 53-man roster for the first time and contributed on special teams for the Rams all season.

"It was great you know. Obviously I'd worked the two years prior and you just hope you get a shot and finally I got an opportunity and it was a great year. I felt like I did my part on special teams."

Reynolds says it's always a stressful battle to keep his job as an NFL athlete, but he admitted things have gotten a little easier this year after his success last season.

"It's a little more comforting to know that I don't have to start from the completely bottom. That is a little more comforting knowing I've got a spot, I know my role. And the coaches know what I can do and they're happy with me, they know I can play in a lot of spots."

Adding to his value is that Reynolds has been with the Rams the past four years; that's a long time in the NFL.

"I'm the oldest guy in the running back room. I'm probably close to the oldest guy in the special teams room too, so in that sense I am kind of the vet in the room. Hopefully I can do some more things this year for the younger guys to look up and see what I'm doing and be a role model for them."

Alongside his football career, this summer Reynolds founded his own motivational brand called the Promise Line, where every promise made is to work daily towards your goals no matter what people tell you.

"My mentality is no different because I am personally starting from the bottom because there are athletes coming in every year that are better than me and faster than me but they aren't going to out-work me."

Reynolds hopes to inspire others with his personal success story, from 8-man football in Drummond Montana, all the way to the NFL.

"I don't ever really look back I just kind of look forward. I want to accomplish more. I want to have more tackles and get some running back reps I mean no goal is ever good enough for me, there's always more to set and there are always higher standards to accomplish."

In Reynolds' first preseason game this month against the New Orleans Saints, he registered 56 yards of total offense on six carries and one reception. The former Griz walk-on will likely next see the field against the Browns on Saturday, August 23.

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