Rialto theater in Bozeman on track to open in January


BOZEMAN, Mont. - After two years of planning and an estimated $7 million poured into construction, the Rialto theater is set to open its doors Jan. 16, according to general manager Matthew Beehler.

Beehler told NBC Montana the historic theater in downtown Bozeman will serve as a venue for meetings, banquets and live music. He expects the opening to bring about a boost in business on Main Street.

"When you look at our bar for instance, there's 40 seats. We're not going to be able to supply all 400 people that our coming to our concerts, even in our venue," Beehler said. "Our hope is that Main Street reaps these rewards and that the bars and restaurants and coffee shops get to have a benefit of what we do here."

Beehler says once doors open visitors can expect to find a theater beneath Main Street with a beer and wine bar as well as meeting and banquet spaces. He said ticket prices for live shows range from $16 to $80.

The Rialto plans to expand beyond live music and work with local non-profits.

Beehler is looking to bring on 20 to 30 employees ahead of its opening. The theater will host a career fair from 10 a.m. to noon at the Baxter Hotel Dec. 12.

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