Rocky Mountain Labs hold mock emergency drill


HAMILTON, Mont. - A mock emergency at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton brought a number of agencies inside its gates to practice for a worst case scenario Tuesday morning.

It was a busy and eventful sight on Hamilton's south side near the lab. Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances all drove into the heavy gated lab campus for a drill Tuesday morning.

Even the Life Flight helicopter landed. The scenario involved a mock active shooter who shoots several people.

There were mock casualties.

The exercise brought together the Ravalli County Sheirff's office, Hamilton police, National Institute of Health police and command staff and medics and paramedics from Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

"There are a lot of transferable skills and a lot of transferable things that will happen," said Sheriff Steve Holton, "whether it's a criminal or some kind of natural disaster. We created a criminal scenario so we could bring in all the different law enforcement agencies."

Sheriff Holton said the drill gave first responders a chance to work together as teams and to identify areas that need improvement.

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