Ronan digs out after major snowfall


RONAN, Mont. - Snow piled up fast on roads and downtown streets in Ronan.

Many welcomed the snow for bringing warmer temperatures.

But it buried parked cars and plugged parking lots and driveways.

It snowed all night and kept falling lightly through the morning.

It's a thick, wet snow.

Mike Clairmont got up at 3 a.m. on Tuesday to find ten inches on the ground.

"I went back to bed and got up at seven," said Clairmont," and geez there was 16 inches of snow on the east side of town and I have been plowing ever since seven this morning."

Some businesses had to be plowed a couple times to keep parking lots clear.

Donald Pierce is happy to see his snowplow get the workout it hasn't seen in awhile.

"It's a lot of fun," said Pierce."I enjoy the snow. It's about time we got a good snow."

It is hard to get around in and dangerous if you're not steady on your feet.

Snow shovels were sold in scores from their racks at hardware stores.

High School students Tyler Gray Wolf, Matthew Big Crane and Alicia Stevens enjoyed some time in the snow covered park Tuesday.

"Wow," said Big Crane."It's a lot of snow."

"I think that we shouldn't have had school today," said Stevens."We should have had a snow day."