Samaritan House gets prepared for cold snap


KALISPELL, Mont. - Predictions of a cold snap this week for Montana. People and places are starting to get prepared for the brutal weather coming this way.

One place that always has to be ready for the cold weather is the Samaritan House in Flathead County. They try to get as many homeless people off the street that they can.

The shelter can pack in 35 to 40 people and the transitional housing fits about 20 people. The executive director of the Samaritan House explains how they try to prepare before the bad weather hits.

"During this cold snap, just try to fit everybody in, we have extra roll away beds and we always ask

everybody in town to keep an eye out for anybody that looks cold," said Chris Krager.

The cold weather makes it a little difficult, but the Samaritan House is open to anyone who needs help. Staff said that they try to do everything they can to help the homeless people out in the flathead, especially in winter months.