Sandbags are easy, economic way to stop floodwaters


BOZEMAN, Mont. - For weeks in southwest Montana residents have been told to stock up on sandbags. Wednesday afternoon we visited Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile to learn how to get the job done right.

General Manager Shawn Holmes demonstrated just how easy it is. He even showed us a way to speed up the process. "All you do is take a ladder, set it up on either end in this case put another step ladder in here, take a simple road cone and cut out the bottom so the sand flows through it freely," said Holmes. Once you have filled the bags, Holmes says its best to stagger them. "You just don't want them all lining up the same, otherwise the wall will fall over," said Holmes. He tells us sand is one of the best ways to protect your home from rising waters. "Sand forms to it, it doesn't get hard and the water will not penetrate through the bag and the sand," said Holmes. Another tip -- the earlier the better if you think you could see flood water. "If you can get sandbags built up and the water built up before it gets in, it will hold back the water," said Holmes.