Sandbags available at Corvallis, Victor fire departments


MISSOULA, Mont. - With overflowing creeks and streams in the Bitterroot Valley, officials set out sand piles at the Corvallis and Victor fire departments. Sand is free, but you're responsible for filling and transporting your bags.

NBC Montana talked with Bitterroot resident Raenell Camper. She says she went to work early Tuesday morning, having no problem leaving her driveway. When she came home from work she found her driveway was taken by the fast moving water.

"The water just washed it away this morning," Camper said. "I was able to get through and go to work, but when I came back it was just gone."

Sandbags may have not stopped the continuous current which took out her driveway, but officials say sandbags do come in handy.

Office of Emergency Management director Erik Hoover says when water is moving that fast keep a safe distance.

"Don't drive through any roadways or bridges that are posted or closed," Hoover said. "Just follow any detours that are posted for traffic."

Hoover says it should take a few days for water to go back down to normal levels.