School speed zones enforced year-round in Bozeman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - They are yellow and white signs posted around schools warning you to slow down. We wanted to know if you still need to hit the brakes during the summer when school is not in session.

In Butte, according to the police department, they only enforce school speed limit zones during the school year. We found it is the same story in Kalispell. However in Bozeman, police tell us they enforce school speed zones year round.

We met Officer Rick Musson with the Bozeman Police Department outside Hyalite Elementary School.

"The speed limit in this school zone, 20 miles an hour. The idea behind it is that there is a school, and the potential to have children present any time," said Musson.

Before you hit 20 mph, there is a sign tucked behind a tree to monitor your speed, and remind you to slow down.

"Its really for the best interest of the children, and anyone crossing the street there," said Musson.

Bozeman residents we spoke to on Thursday all knew the speed limit was enforced all year round.

"Children are playing in the school grounds all year round, in the summer they are playing basketball and tennis," said Jane Jelinski.

"If you only have to go slower for two blocks, maybe it takes 20 seconds, nobody needs to be in that big of a hurry," said Davin Nelson.

We even met a rising third grader, Cache Harktopf, who knows the importance of the speed zones, saying sometimes he even ventures to the school grounds to play.

"If people don't slow down, then people could get hit," said Harktopf.

Musson says safety is the bottom line.

"The faster you go in speed, the longer it will take you to stop," said Musson.