Schools recap alcohol policies after investigation into MSU fraternity incident


MISSOULA,Mont. - Montana State University is warning students of the dangers of attending parties at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

MSU officials say one student was severely intoxicated and required immediate medical attention for acute alcohol poisoning.

MSU communications director Michael Becker says the school issued a notice to avoid the Bozeman fraternity as a warning for students.

"That is our primary concern in situations like this -- making sure students are aware of potential trouble and they can avoid that if possible," Becker said.

The office of the dean of students for MSU is investigating a variety of allegations of misconduct involving the incident and placed SAE on temporary suspension until the investigation is concluded.

We talked to University of Montana officials about the Missoula school's guidelines and rules for drinking on campus. Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs Thomas Crady says not only does the university follow federal laws, but any organized party has to go through the chief of police.

"Organized parties have to go through a pretty rigorous approval process, including me, so we make sure there are servers there and security," Crady said.

Students at Missoula's Alpha Sigma Phi chapter said some fraternities forget why they joined in the first place.

"They will lose sight of what it really means to be in a fraternity -- the brotherhood and bettering yourself as a man, and they lose sight of that and go off the deep end a little bit," said Alpha Sigma Phi president Dillon Kuntz.

Crady and his team are working toward meeting with the Pan-Hellenic Council later this week to reaffirm the policies and procedures of the University of Montana.