Search continues for Missoula man who drowned


KALISPELL, Mont. - It's the second full day search crews spent on Middle Thompson Lake searching tirelessly for Anthony Bachman, who fell off a boat on Saturday. He wasn't wearing a life jacket.

"We did an initial search that night with some divers and then we've been out all day yesterday and we've been continuing out today looking for him," said Lincoln County Sheriff Roby Bowe.

Officials say Bachman was out on a pontoon boat when he fell over the bow. He is believed to have been intoxicated at the time.

The lake is about 45 miles southeast of Libby. Officials from both Lincoln and Flathead counties are aiding in the search.

Flathead brought sonar with them to scan the lake's bottom. It is the same equipment that was used in the search for a missing kayaker on Flathead Lake last month.

"We're using sonar and we've been putting divers in the water, along with some underwater cameras," said Bowe.

Search crews tell us that they are facing a number of obstacles. The lake is up to 180 feet deep in areas they are searching, and has very rocky terrain.

"The conditions right now, we're ranging anywhere from 25 feet all the way to 180," said Bowe. "We have a lot of ridges and valleys in here. It drops right off from shore."

It is very murky at the bottom, making it harder for divers to see. So far they have not found Bachman's body, despite crews finding a few spots of interest.

The driver of the boat was also drinking, but that person's blood alcohol level was under the legal limit.