Search dogs brought in to look for missing Anaconda woman


BUTTE, Mont. - A little over two weeks ago Police with Butte Silver Bow and Anaconda began searching the Butte Silver Bow Landfill for the remains of Tammy Salle.

The Anaconda woman that disappeared around Christmas time last year.

Investigators called the search off after officers already had sorted through some 400 tons of trash, and found nothing.

Through the efforts of friends and family of Tammy Salle, they we're able to bring in specially trained dogs to better help search through the landfill.

"The biggest thing was just getting Tammy's mom Liz the closure of bringing the dogs in and being thorough one last time," said Donna Bahr, Long time family friend of Salle.

Local authorities and friends of Salle's waited at the front gates of the landfill early Friday morning as officials prepared the search and recovery dogs.

These dogs have spent most of their lives training for situations like this one.

"We use autopsy rags from other scenes we get our sources and then we train them and that's all that they do is human remains," said Wendy Kessinger, K-9 Forensics.

Officials told NBC Montana that the dogs are capable of sniffing out human remains up to 25 feet deep.

Both dogs sent out numerous alerts hitting multiple times in one specific area only of the landfill.

"The dogs gave us an alert in one spot a couple of times so we're breaking apart that area right now and checking it out," added Kessinger.

The searchers with the dog team tell us a bloody board was also discovered, but investigators wouldn't comment on that discovery at the time.

Friends of Salle say if Tammy isn't found after today they've already arranged for the dogs to come back in the near future to search in a different location.