Security for Griz Homecoming beefed up


MISSOULA, Mont. - The University of Montana's Homecoming game is expected to attract as many as 26,000 people.

Crowds that large always bring extra security. For many the shootings in Las Vegas are still raw and remind everyone how vulnerable communities can be.

At the University of Montana we will see beefed up patrols everywhere.

University of Montana Chief of Police Marty Ludemann said, "We evaluated what's taken place the last month or so around the country and felt a bigger presence of law enforcement was appropriate."

Homecoming at UM always attracts huge draws.

NBC Montana talked to a number of students who plan on going to the game.

It's a big weekend, and most students said they weren't worried about their safety.

"Not too much," said Aurora Forsythe. "I've got faith in people. It's a great crowd around here, and I'm not worried, because people know gun safety pretty well."

"There's always a need to be precautious," said Kortney Sims. "But I don't not sleep at night because of it."

Student Jon Christiana said the Las Vegas shootings were of concern. But he's not worried.

"Missoula especially is not a city on anyone's map," he said. "So I guess unless there is one crazy person like that I don't see it happening."

But graduate student Natasha LaRose is debating whether she will go to the game. She's a Grizzly fan. But she said she has grown wary about large crowds.

As a Native American woman she said she has recently become uncomfortable in crowds.

"There's a huge racial climate going on," she said. "And sometimes I'm not feeling safe just being in my own skin out in public."

Besides more uniformed law enforcement officers patrolling campus, Ludemann said the university will also have "eyes and ears" out there that we probably won't see -- looking for anything suspicious.

"If fans see something that bothers them" he said, "reach out to one of our staff."

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