Senator Tester listens to vet's concerns about VA


KALISPELL, Mont. - United States Senator Jon Tester hosted a listening session in Kalispell today. The session was intended to hear veterans concerns with the VA, in light of the issues the administration has been facing in recent weeks.

"Well I hope he gets a better understanding of the true picture of the Veterans Administration, the hospitalization and stuff like that that's absolutely neglecting our veterans," said veteran John Burgess.

Senator Tester says it is critical to hear directly from his constituents to find out exactly what their problems are with the VA.

"I mean these guys put it all on the line for this country and they shouldn't have to fight for their healthcare, they already fought once," said Tester.

The Senator plans on taking these issues with him to Washington, where new legislation is being worked on. He intends to use these experiences to make a difference.

"Just as I did when I first got elected to the senate, were going to be able to take that information from a veterans perspective and be able to do some things with it to get some policies passed," said Tester.

Burgess hopes that these issues can be solved before more veterans enter the system.

"With the up and coming veterans of the Afghan and Iraqi war, this is what were very concerned about, that their going to have to jump through the same hoops and no net there to catch them," said Burgess.

Senator Tester plans to host more of these listening sessions in the future to hear the issues directly from the veterans of Montana.