Several kids participate in annual Easter egg hunt


Hundreds of Easter eggs covered Lions Park in Kalispell today, which started a new tradition for the Elks and Lions Club. This was the first year they held their annual Easter egg hunt in the park for the community instead of at the Elks Lodge.

This afternoon, several kids lined up in Lions Park anxiously waiting for the whistle so they could collect Easter eggs.

And one little girl found the ultimate Easter egg.

"I got the golden egg. It has a dollar in it," exclaimed Aliyah Arends.

But the girl's older brother explains that this wasn't their first Easter egg hunt of the day.

"Woke up at like seven. We found our Easter baskets, we had a big chocolate bunny and we had to find like 70 eggs," said Haven Arends.

But it's more than just chocolate and Easter egg hunts that made this day special to them.

"We get to spend time with family," said Rockelle Labrum.

The Kalispell Elks and Lions Club put together an Easter egg hunt for the community every year. This was the first year they held the hunt at Lions Park in Kalispell. The enthusiasm the kids show during the hunt makes this completely worth it to the clubs.

"Getting all these kids and the way they rush out there and tear things up, and hopefully not get in any fights. And they didn't," said Gary Bartscher, an Elks Lodge Officer.

The clubs were happy with the turnout. They had three big garbage bags of eggs. The eggs contained about 200 dollars worth of coins and candy which the kids were happy to find.

"We got money inside. We got to eat a lot of candy," said Rockelle and Aliyah.

With the success of this year's egg hunt in the park, the clubs are hoping to expand the hunt next year and cover Lions Park with more Easter eggs.