Sheriff's office investigates Corvallis church burglary


CORVALLIS, Mont. - The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary at the Corvallis United Methodist Church.

Sheriff Steve Holton said the church on Eastside Highway south of Corvallis was burglarized some time during the night of March 3.

He said significant damage was done to the interior of the church and some items were stolen.

Holton said investigators collected evidence at the scene which should help in confirming the suspects' identities.

"The fact that someone would victimize a church in the middle of the night is particularly disturbing," he said. "We will apply whatever resources are necessary to identify and successfully prosecute those responsible for this crime."

Holton said "With the help of the community we can solve this case and prevent similar crimes from happening in the future."

The sheriff's office is asking for anyone with information on the felony crime to contact Detective Scott Burlingham at 375-4060 or 363-3300, or by using the TIPS button on Ravalli County sheriff's mobile app for smartphones.

Holton said if anyone noticed any suspicious activity in the Corvallis area around this time or has knowledge of the suspects they should report the information.