Slight chance for rain Tuesday


WESTERN MONTANA - Yes, there is a chance, albeit slim, for some of us to see some rainfall today. Today a disturbance moves into Montana, dragging behind a storm in Canada that's sitting to the north of Glasgow today. That storm has a weak cold front extending into the U.S. from the Bakken to the southeastern end of Idaho. This atmospheric boundary will set up a chance for scattered thunderstorms in Eastern Montana this afternoon. Those storms will develop in Eastern Idaho with the heat of the day and move northeast, crossing over Yellowstone Park. Most of the action is south of the Bozeman area then, with a slight chance a thunderstorm develops near the Madison or Gallatin valleys. Air in the region is still on the dry side, so don't expect strong storms to develop.

That disturbance trailing behind the storm will produce some showers in Northwest Montana during the afternoon. Expect those to taper off as we approach sunset and re-emerge in Southwest Montana on Wednesday morning around sunrise. The areas around Butte and Missoula are going to be largely left out with low evening humidity killing any chance for rain to reach the ground. Even where we have a better chance for rain around Bozeman and Kalispell, rainfall totals are likely to be under a tenth of an inch. Temperatures will reach the low to mid 70s for most of the region wiith Butte hitting the upper 60s. Expect the warmest temperatures today in Southwest Montana, where a few upper 70s readings are possible. We fall back into the 40s on Tuesday night.