Soldier surprises daughter at school


STEVENSVILLE, Mont. - Excitement marked the end of Tuesday class at Lone Rock School.

Kindergartener Alexa Valenti thought she was randomly selected for a prize at a school assembly. It was anything but random.

Inside the large box with the pink wrapping paper sat Alexa's father, Army Sergeant Francesco Valenti. He's been stationed in Korea for the past year and only seen his daughter for about 10 days in the last two years.

The entire school staff was in on the surprise. District superintendent Roger Samples called it "very emotional."

Before she opened the box, Alexa thought it was a new bike inside; or a very big doll. After the fact, she said it was better than any bike.

Sergeant Valenti expects to be assigned to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas next; a post much closer to home.

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