Special security team formed for upcoming McCartney show


MISSOULA, Mont. - Crews are hard at work, preparing for Paul McCartney's arrival.

There's a stage to build, parking and seating to worry about, but for the 25,000 ticket holders, safety is the top priority.

"We want everybody to show up and have a good time, be safe, and of course as always, obey the rules," said Campus Police Captain for the University of Montana Ben Gladwin.

He is no stranger for big event security at the UM.

"Our preparations are actually very similar to football since the crowd size is similar. We are expecting a few or I think at least 1,000 more or 2,000 more for the Paul McCartney show," said Gladwin.

Gladwin tells NBC Montana they've hired and trained their own special event team for the concert. It will have around 50 security members.

NBC Montana sat in for part of their meeting with the newest members where they discussed safety procedures and places they'll be stationed at.

"We're there mainly to help facilitate the ingress and egress of the crowd, deal with any issues that are in the crowd, make sure that people are able to enjoy the show," said Gladwin.

There's more. 20 police officers from UM and Montana State University, plus officers from Montana Highway Patrol will help with traffic and they'll break up into smaller teams or units.

"Each unit is assigned a team leader. It can consist from anywhere from 5 to 10 special event team members. In addition to that, each team is assigned a police officer," said Gladwin.

They will have anywhere from 6 to 7 units.

Gladwin reminds concert goers to leave backpacks and bags at home. You can click here to see more information on what you can and can't bring.

If you are going to the concert and have any questions or safety concerns, you can call the Office of Public Safety at the University of Montana at (406) 243-6131.

NBC Montana also checked in with stage setup. Work crews were up bright and early Saturday morning for day two of stage setup.

University of Montana officials tell NBC Montana they're right on schedule to host Sir Paul McCartney at Washington-Grizzly stadium for Tuesday, August 5.

NBC Montana was told the stage should be completed by early afternoon on Sunday.

Campus officials have also shut down part of Campus Drive during the setup.

"We're going to start having a lot of different things going in and out of here, bigger stuff, trucks coming in for production and getting people used to the idea and the fact that it is closed is critical so Saturday and Sunday it is closed," said UM Athletic Associate Director Chuck Maes.

Maes says that it will also be closed on Monday and Tuesday and that is should reopen for thru traffic late Wednesday.