Spiritual leader wishes for Passover free from hate


MISSOULA, Mont. - Har Shalom Synagogue in Missoula has been a busy place this week. Passover started at sundown Monday.

Spiritual Leader Laurie Franklin said Har Shalom was home to multiple community Seders this week. A Seder is a Jewish ritual meal and a time to reflect on the story of the ancient Israelites and their escape from slavery.

But after a shooting at a Jewish community center in Kansas last Sunday, Franklin said she wishes others could live the spirit of Passover.

"One of the things I wish we could be free of in this season is hate," Franklin said. "It's a terrible tragedy…and it's horribly ironic that although it was directed at Jewish community centers and a Jewish place of worship, the people who were killed are not Jewish. It's a perfect example of the fact that hate hurts everybody," Franklin said.