St. Patrick's Day arrests round-up


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silverbow law enforcement says they made a total of 27 arrests during the St. Patrick's Day festivities.

Reports list those arrests as follows: 7 DUI Arrests, 1 Aggravated Assault, 3 Aggravated Burglary, 11 Disorderly Conduct, 3 warrants, 1 misdemeanor Sexual Assault, and 1 Parole or Probation Violation. Reports are still being completed on the majority of the arrests.

Butte-Silverbow Sheriff Ed Lester says it was a good crowd.

"We had a few folks who made poor choices toward the end of the night and ended up getting arrested. But, I thought it was a fun crowd at the parade and throughout the day. 99 percent of the people were having a great time and doing it the right way," said Lester.

Reports say Bozeman only had one DUI arrest. Flathead dispatch reported just one arrest too

Law enforcement officials in Missoula say there was a surprisingly low number of arrests during the St. Patrick's Day activities.