Storms, rain spread to Southwest Montana today


WESTERN MONTANA - Our wet weather pattern continues as we kick off the weekend in Western Montana. Showers this morning will move to the east and start to taper off around Missoula and Kalispell. Expect scattered showers with an isolated thunderstorm in these areas today. Most of the action will be along the Idaho state line, Canadian border, and south of Missoula. Temperatures will only reach the mid 60s. Parts of Northwest Montana could even see a bit of sunshine. The storm system responsible for these wet conditions will turn loose it's energy on Southwest Montana as we head toward the lunch hour. Shower and storm develop ment around Butte and Bozeman could begin again as soon as 11 am. Most storms today will develop south of Butte and east of Dillon and move quickly to the east-northeast. The strongest storms in our area will likely be around Bozeman. Expect the greatest impact from 12 pm to 7 pm. Similar to last night in West-Central Montana, expect waves of scattered showers to pop up during the day. Impacts from storms today should be less than those that formed around West-Central Montana Thursday night.

Temperatures will be in the upper 60s around Southwest Montana, with Bozeman and Livingston breaking 70 degrees in the afternoon. Tonight we will transition to a scattered rain event as the storm's center moves overhead. From Wyoming to Canada we have a good chance to pick up more meaningful rainfall overnight with more scattered showers on Saturday. Temperatures will be even cooler tomorrow. Higher elevations will not break 60 degrees in the afternoon. The rest of your weekend looks a lot better after late Saturday even with the possibility of more rain and weak thunderstorms Sunday night.