Storms slow work at Glacier National Park


KALISPELL, Mont. - Weather conditions at Glacier National Park are causing delays in opening Going-to-the-Sun Road and various trails at higher elevations.

Officials say heavy snowfall caused a snow slide near the Alps area of the park. A rock wall was washed out onto the road making it impassable.

Heavy rain and snow in the higher elevations are prompting winter weather advisories and flood warnings, causing concern about whether tourists will make their way to the park.

Visitors at the park on Tuesday said the weather won't keep them away.

"We knew it was going to be closed before we came and we were just excited to come anyway," said tourist Jessica Cleary. "There's so much to do and see so many views that driving one road is not going to kill the trip."

Businesses in the park are not worried about the conditions either. It may be raining, but many in the area say business is at its usual pace.

"Some of our locations are actually picking up sooner than others so it's not affecting us much at all," said Matt Carlin, the manager of Eddies in Apgar Village.

Snow plows on Going-to-the-Sun Road have stopped their work until the winter-like weather clears. Once conditions are ideal, the remaining snowpack will be removed and guardrails will be installed in anticipation of the road opening.