Students help stock pond with fish


KALISPELL, Mont. - Fish, Wildlife and Parks has teamed up with local elementary students for their hooked on fishing program. It helps gets kids familiar and interested in fishing and being outdoors.

Wednesday, a group of fourth graders grabbed their buckets and headed out to help stock a pond with thousands of new fish.

The fish came from three different hatcheries across the state.

"There's big fish and they're splashing and I think almost all of us are soaked. Yeah, we're all wet. I got water in my ears," said the students.

2,000 fish were stocked into Dry Bridge Pond, where anyone can come and fish.

Regional Fisheries Manager Mark Deleray tells us that these ponds are a great asset to young fishers in the area.

"These family fishing ponds that Fish, Wildlife and Parks has, the idea behind them is to make safe, accessible fishing opportunities for families. So these ponds are in the valley, close to town, close to neighborhoods, so it's easy for a family to get out, they're safe, and get out and enjoy some fishing," said Deleray.

Deleray says the experience has special meaning to the kids. Their school is near by the pond. So for most of the kids, it's their pond to use and fish.

"If you were here you could judge by the screaming. They had a lot of fun. They got wet, the fish splash them, they get to carry them over in buckets to the pond and put them in. They have a terrific time," Deleray said.