Students make video to support football coach battling cancer


Dillon, Mont. - A Dillon teacher and coach battling cancer tells NBC Montana that a video put together by students and staff has inspired him to keep up his fight. Beaverhead County High School football coach and English teacher Steve Vezina has a tough fight on his hands. Vezina is battling three forms of cancer in his body. Treatment, including chemotherapy, sidelined him from coaching toward the end of season. He continued to root for the Beavers as the team marched through the play off bracket toward last Saturday's championship game against Billings Central, but while he was cheering on the beavers the school was cheering him on in his fight. Led by softball coach Andrea Schurg, students and faculty made a special video for Vezina. "The response was incredible," said Shurg. "Everyone jumped on board, got excited about it and got involved." "No one really knew," said Football Captain Nick Paffhausen. "We were just like 'everyone dress up crazy and make signs and line up in the hall and do something crazy when the camera comes by.'" It took one take, one run through the school, everyone cheering on Vezina. "It was crazy," said student MJ Simkins. "It was insane. Everyone did a really good job with it though. Everyone was excited." It only took 10 minutes to shoot the video and students told NBC Montana the effort inspired them. "It really just gave us another reason to go out there and win. Just for him," said Paffhausen. "To see him there helped a lot and they definitely won for Vez," said student Addie Hansen. Vezina saw the video for the first time when he arrived at the State Championship in Billings. He said he has more resolve to fight and learned much from this experience. "I hope that you don't be afraid to tell people how much they mean to you," said Vezina. "If had this not happened to me, there's no way I would have known that" You can find out more information or donate at this link. Click here to watch the students' video on YouTube.

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