Students, teachers head back to school in Bitterroot


CORVALLIS, Mont. - The end of Labor Day Weekend officially kicked off the first day of class in Ravalli County public schools.

Darby schools started last week. Now Florence, Lone Rock, Stevensville, Victor, Corvallis and Hamilton schools have all started a new year.

NBC Montana visited Holly Snyder's third grade class in Corvallis.

Snyder welcomed record numbers to her class -- 26 students. Last year, Snyder taught 25 third-grade youngsters.

NBC Montana met Chris Bohenek in Mrs. Snyder's class. He had taken his son, Sam, to school.

"I don't want summer to end," said Sam.

Chris said it is kind of a sad day, because he hates to be separated from his kids.

"He won't be around during the day now," said Chris, "but that's part of life."

The Boheneks know that learning is an exciting part of life.

Snyder plans to do everything she can to make it fun.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," said the energetic, smiling teacher.

"Good morning," responded her new students.

Snyder did her homework over the summer. She learned the names of all her new kids, as well as their parents.

She told her class she thinks they're all "awesome."

"I'm going to be looking every day, every hour," said Snyder. "I'm going to look for your awesome."

Snyder has been recognized as one of western Montana's most outstanding teachers.

Of her large class load, she said, "I can still be individualized, even if there's a whole bunch of them (students). I'm up for the challenge."

Snyder said she loves third graders for their independence and their passion to learn.