Students urge peers to fight against proposed budget cut


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Students at Montana State University want their peers to fight back against possible budget cuts. Right now the state is considering reducing $23 million in funding from the Montana University System.

The move could come at the expense of students. Montana State University spokesman Tracy Ellig tells us if the budget is approved the way it is now students at universities across the state could see their tuition increased by $1,059 per year.

That's the scenario if the $23 million cut is filled in completely by in-state tuition hikes.

It's why MSU student Noah Marion was on campus Wednesday afternoon urging students to call legislators and share stories on what a tuition hike means for them.

He told us, "$1,000 to me as a student is a make or break situation. Most students, including myself, don't have extra income like that to spend. That money comes away from our living expenses, from our textbooks, from everything else that people need to survive."

Ellig says if the $23 million gap isn't filled solely by in-state tuition hikes students could see a combination of cuts to programs and services along with out-of-state tuition increases.

The budget will head to the appropriations committee next Wednesday for another hearing.