Study finds cycling to be happiest mode of transportation


MISSOULA, Mont. - When it comes to happy travels, it's not just where you're going, but how you get there that matters, according to a new study out of Clemson University.

The study found that people are happiest when biking compared to any other mode of transportation.

Montana is also consistently listed as one of the happiest states. Incidentally, it's also considered one of the most bike-friendly states.

The American League of Bicycles ranked Montana fifth on states that spend the most per capita on bicycle projects. It also ranks fifth on commuter and biking levels.

The benchmark found that Montana is also in the top 15 for residents that get the recommended level of physical activity.

We asked some Missoula cyclists what makes biking special.

"When I see people in their cars and they go past me and they're all crabby and I get to go by them at the stop light, it's just a good feeling," said cyclist Sue Roy.

"Especially on a day like this, bicycling is just being out in the weather, and knowing that I'm not contributing to the further degradation of our planet," said cyclist Travis Mateer.

For a link to the Clemson University study, click here.