Study shows groundwater under CFAC is contaminated


KALISPELL, Mont. - Columbia Falls Aluminum Company announced it has completed the first phase of what it calls "site evaluation work" at the former Anaconda Aluminum smelter site located in Columbia Falls.

In a news release the company writes groundwater contamination under the plant site is caused by closed landfills, but the groundwater is not flowing toward Aluminum City.

This is just phase one in what is described as a four-year study.

Officials say workers collected over 700 samples and built more than 40 monitoring wells.

In their news release CFAC officials say the investigation confirms groundwater beneath the CFAC site has been impacted by materials placed in landfills used from 1955 until about1980.

"We successfully accomplished the goal of phase one, which is critical to the project," said John Stroiazzo, CFAC Project Manager. "The work performed provides an understanding of site conditions and will help determine the roadmap forward."