Summer construction ramps up at MSU


BOZEMAN, Mont. - With students off campus, construction crews are wasting no time getting to work on Montana State University's campus. The school is tackling several major projects. Everywhere you turn on campus there are people busy putting up new buildings and renovating existing ones.

We met with Walter Banziger on Tuesday afternoon. He is the Director of Planning, Design, and Construction at MSU. In his 10 years at Montana State he has seen more than 2,000 projects. "We're in the process of building the College of Business behind us, we're renovating the Miller dining hall, currently right now, we're planning a new residence hall to be constructed," said Banziger. We drove around campus Tuesday to highlight some of the big projects that are underway. The first one we stopped by was Miller Dining Hall, the largest dining facility on campus. The first phase of the renovation is expected to be complete sometime this fall. Construction noise is common around campus, but in the summer months something not so common is the sound of students roaming around. Banziger says that makes it the perfect time for construction. "The parking lots are free, the students are not here, you are not interrupting classes," said Banziger. Banziger also showed us a 200-seat classroom getting a top to bottom makeover. There will be new carpet, chairs, acoustics and lighting. The price tag on this will come in around $500,000. "Most of what we are doing is looking at renovating and improving our existing buildings to meet the needs of a 21st century student," said Banziger.