Suspect arrested in Missoula armed robberies


MISSOULA, Mont - Police arrested 22-year-old Corey Schreckendgust in connection with three armed robberies that took place during the late hours of Monday evening in Missoula. We checked into his prior criminal history and found out he was on probation before this arrest. Missoula Police apprehended Schreckendgust on an unrelated charge of possession of paraphernalia. We dug into the officers' investigation and found Schreckendgust reportedly confessed to the string of robberies. NBC Montana talked with officers Thursday and they told us quick and efficient action taken by Missoula Police officers was a big factor in how quickly Schreckendgust was arrested. Police also say detailed statements received by witnesses at all three crime locations were very helpful and photos obtained by surveillance cameras helped officers identify the getaway vehicle. The Missoula Police Department held a press conference Thursday to give recognition to specific officers who acted quickly and were able to catch the man suspected in the string of armed robberies. "We gathered to highlight the outstanding work by the officers involved," said patrol captain Chris Odlin of the Missoula Police Department. "Also to help assure the community that the Missoula police will not accept violent crimes in our community and we will work tirelessly to bring those responsible to justice." Corporal Sean Manraksa, Officer Garth Craigen, Officer Pete Woods and Detective Arianna Adams were recognized. Other officers recognized for their hard work on recent burglary cases were Officer Matt Stonesifer, Officer Mitch Lang and Detective Mark Blood. Schreckendgust will be in court later this month. Missoula Police say in light of this string of robberies they want to remind the public to lock their homes, windows and cars and not to leave valuables in your car.