Suspect pleads not guilty in connection with homicide case


MISSOULA, Mont. - Kenneth Hickman, 21, pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of aggravated assault Thursday in Missoula County District Court.

Officials say Hickman was involved in a homicide in early August at a transient camp in Missoula. Gilbert George Berry was killed and later found in the Clark Fork River.

Authorities believe Hickman and Kevin Lino beat up Berry after a dispute at a Missoula transient camp before they used a knife to cut gang signs into his body. Investigators say Lino then shot Berry in the head and dumped his body in the river.

Hickman's wife, Mechailah Trembruell, 21, has also been charged in connection with the homicide case.

Officials said Kevin Lino and Angela Marchese fled Missoula when they got wind that authorities were investigating the homicide. They were both located and arrested in Louisiana last weekend.

Hickman's bail will remain at $150,000.

Hickman and Trembruell's trials are scheduled for November.