Suspects in custody in Butte homicide case


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Troopers in eastern Montana arrested two men early Wednesday morning, who Butte police say are connected to a murder.

NBC Montana has been in close touch with Butte-Silver Bow police since the alleged murder took place Monday night.

The victim's name was released Wednesday. The Butte-Silver Bow coroner says Mark Partelow, of Butte, died from a gunshot wound to the head. So far no word on whether the weapon has been recovered.

According to investigators, Partelow lived at the house where the alleged murder took place, on the 1300-block of Casey Street.

Two suspects were arrested just north of Roundup. According to Sheriff Ed Lester, the Montana Highway Patrol stopped their vehicle on Highway 87, right after midnight.

The car was a 1999 Mercury Cougar -- a different vehicle than the one police were first looking for.

Troopers arrested 24-year-old Jeffery Lackman on a warrant for deliberate homicide. Troopers also arrested the driver of the vehicle, Juan Jose Romero on charges of obstructing justice and deliberate homicide by accountability.

"We didn't know the identity of the male that was with Lackman. We had heard a number of different first names," said Lester. "We weren't sure what the suspect's name was or who he was until he was actually apprehended near Roundup."

Another person of interest, Vernon Maddock, turned himself in Tuesday. He is being held on an unrelated drug charge and has not been charged in the death of Partelow.


The following is a press release sent by the Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department Wednesday morning:

On 8/6/13, the BSBLED developed information that suspect(s) may be traveling in a 99 Mercury Cougar with Powell County Plates. This information was put out statewide by our department last evening.

Shortly after midnight last night, a trooper from the Montana Highway Patrol stopped the vehicle approximately 4 miles north of Roundup, MT on US highway # 87.

The trooper called the Musselshell County Sheriff's office for assistance and two subjects were taken into custody without incident by the Montana Highway Patrol trooper and a deputy from Musselshell County.

The two suspects are Jeffery Bruce Lackman, (age 24) who was the person of interest being sought by the BSBLED. Lackman was the passenger in the Mercury Cougar. Lackman was arrested on a warrant out of Butte-Silver Bow for DELIBERATE HOMICIDE.

The second male was Juan Jose Romero. He is currently being held on a charge of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE and DELIBERATE HOMICIDE BY ACCOUNTABILITY.

Investigators from Butte are on their way to Roundup to search the vehicle the suspects were in and also to conduct interviews with the two males.

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