Terrorism expert speaks with NBC Montana


BOZEMAN, Mont. - NBC's senior national security analyst, Juan Zarate, made his way to Bozeman Wednesday afternoon to speak with NBC Nightly News about the terror attack in London. He spoke with Lester Holt about the changing brand of terrorism.

Zarate explained it to us too.

"They're now saying, 'Don't come travel in places like Syria and Iraq. Just attack where you are.' That presents a challenge," he said.

We asked whether Montanans should be concerned. Zarate says, although terrorists don't usually target rural areas, we're not immune.

"Montanans and the security forces and police here in Montana obviously need to be worried about any susceptibility on any military bases and where you have missile silos," Zarate explained.

The state's border with Canada means there's potential for terrorists to come into the country through Montana. Zarate says individuals have already used Washington state to cross over.

"In my mind this is less about hordes of terrorists who are overwhelming the northern border, but more about radicalized individuals that are susceptible to that kind of narrative," he explained.

Zarate says this isn't a time to be frightened or paralyzed. It is, however, a time to be aware that an attack can happen even outside large metropolitan areas.