Therapy garden to help Missoula community in several ways


MISSOULA, Mont. - Tuesday, community members and Garden City Harvest volunteers met at the Providence Center to cut the ribbon on a new, therapeutic garden.

Top soil has been laid and people began planting seeds at the health center on North Orange in Missoula. The ground is flat and the area gets a lot of sunlight.

Organizers believe the patients and staff members at the Providence Center will receive the most benefit out of the project.

"A lot of the clients of Providence will come here for occupational therapy elements, and they will be able to be in a garden that excites all the senses, whether it be smell, taste, sight, touch even. Staff members also will be able to enjoy lunch and other parts of their workday here. For Garden City Harvest, it's great to partner with the Providence Center," Linda Sliter told NBC Montana.

The garden will provide food for the poor and vulnerable and educate the public on nutrition and health.