Three Forks one step closer to meeting third councilman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Three Forks' third and final City Council seat will be filled this week, according to county Clerk and Recorder Charlotte Mills.

Two candidates ran for three open seats on Election Day, leaving the third spot to be filled by a write-in vote.

Mills told NBC Montana 60 people received write-in votes. Mills said she reached out to the person who received the most votes of that group Monday. Now all that's left to do, she says, is wait and see if he accepts the position.

Mills is responsible for calling the winner of the write-in vote to tell them the results. She said most are shocked when hearing the news.

"They go, 'I won what?' I actually have called one person and the comment was, 'I wasn't even running,'" Mills said. "But all these people wrote your name in and it's just this big laugh, like 'Are you really serious?'"

Mills told NBC Montana if the winner of the write-in vote, who received eight votes, does not accept the position, the office will ask the next person on the list, who received six votes. Mills said the seat will be filled by Friday.

Election officials are not releasing the names of the write-in candidates until one accepts the position.

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