Thunder and firework warning from veterinarians


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Recent thunderstorms are prompting warning from veterinarians. The loud noise from thunder can frighten animals and cause them to run away.

Veterinarians tell NBC Montana they get lots of calls about lost pets when thunderstorms roll in. They say owners should keep a closer eye on pets in light of recent storms and Fourth of July right around the corner.

Loni Odenbeck, owner at 360 Pet Medical, says the most important thing is just to keep your pet safe. That means, keeping them indoors even if they're usually outdoor pets. She says it's important to secure all windows and doors. Even if your pet has never tried jumping out a screen door or window, Odenbeck says it does happen from time to time.

"We get a lot of calls about lost pets. A lot of dogs get injured. They run into the road and get hit by cars. Sometimes owners can't find them for a few days because they'll hide. They don't quite understand where the noise is coming from. They're just trying to get away from it so they can break through windows or doors, " Odenbeck said.

Placing pets in a kennel could help calm animals down in some cases. For dogs who are more anxious, there are sedatives or natural supplements to help ease them. Odenbeck says ensuring someone is with your pet during thunderstorms can help ease nervousness from the loud noise.