Trailer industry moves into Bonner


Missoula, Mt. - An east coast trailer manufacturing company moves into the old Bonner mill site. They won't begin production until February, but they are already creating jobs.

Logan Feeney says his company, Alcom, moved its second location to the Northwest for the convenience of distributing to clients in this region.

The cherry on top of the deal, Feeney says, is western Montana's strong workforce.

"There's a workforce here of skilled laborers that are ready and willing and hungry to work."

Feeney plans to start production at the beginning of February. Until then, there is remodeling to be done, and office administration to prepare for the beginning weeks.

Dan Hackel works for Lynch Insulation, the company in charge of insulating the 73,200 square-foot space Alcom will be moving into. Lynch Insulation has been working for six weeks, installing insulation by hand.

"We're pretty fortunate to get this job," Hackel says. "It's keeping us real busy."

Alcom will be looking to hire 50 to 60 welders, general laborers and maintenance workers in the first month, and expanding that number to 100 by the end of the first year of production.

The company is working closely with Missoula Job Services. The next round of hires will open on their website in mid-December.