Urology clinic offers new technology to improve women's health


MISSOULA, Mont. - There is always a need to improve women's health, and Five Valleys Urology Clinic is doing just that. "This is a way for women to feel more functional and to have greater enjoyment in their lives," said Dana Headapohl. Headapohl, 67, has been a patient at Five Valleys Urology for a year. When she heard about the newtreatment she knew she had to get it. "I am post-menopausal, so I had conditions associated with that," said Headapohl. Physicians say the MonaLisa Touch laser provides relief for women with side effects from breast cancer treatment, those who are in menopause and more. Many patients say the treatment is simple and easy. Physician Assistant Whitney Martin has been hands-on with the technology and finds it beneficial for women that suffer from declining estrogen levels. "It helps with pain and intercourse, incontinence or leakage with urine. Many things that women experience in our lives with aging," said Martin. "Every once in a while you would feel a pinch, perhaps, but it was a very comfortable procedure. And I went immediately back to work," said Headapohl. The laser stimulates collagen production, and we're told the three five-minute treatments can help repair vaginal tissue. Five Valleys Urology added the laser in 2015. "Ninety percent of our ladies, if not more, have had benefit in one or more areas we measure," said Martin. Since 2015 the clinic served 92 women ranging from 35 to 79 years old.