USGS Water Science Center gathers stream flow information


BOZEMAN, Mont. - With the talk of unpredictable wet weather, that means the potential of rising rivers and flooding in the future. On Wednesday, scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey's Water Science Center showed NBC Montana how they measure stream flow throughout our region. We met with scientists near Logan, about a half hour west of Bozeman. The USGS uses a device mounted on the side of a float to measure how fast the water is moving, and compares that data to how high the river to get picture of conditions along that particular stretch of river. The USGS said the information collected is essential for water management, river safety, environmental research, and road and bridge designs. "Stream flow information is used by a number of different agencies," explained Norm Midtlyng, with the USGS Montana Water Science Center. "It's used by researchers, used to predict floods, the information we gain is just pure scientific information, non-biased and it's important in terms of the value it gives our users." To learn more about the USGS Water Science Center and to see the current stream flow conditions in your area, visit

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