Utility work to start along Hillview in Missoula


MISSOULA, Mont. - Mountain Water Company will be installing a new 24-inch main along Hillview Way from the areas of Clear View to Alliance Way.

"It's difficult to access. One of the condo developments was built on a bunch of fill material that was placed over the top of our main, so our main is as much as 40 feet deep and we're really worried about having a leak and can't get to it and it causing damage. So, we are trying to be proactive and get the main removed from that area before we have a problem. We know it's not leaking now," said Chief Enginner Logan McInnis.

The Hillview project costs about $830,000. The entire project should last through the end of October.

Workers will have to shut down Hillview Way for a day during the construction, and detour traffic, but haven't determined what day that will be.

Mountain Water says it has spent about $2 million on water mains this year and hopes to spend more next year.

It currently is finishing up work on an old main under Fifth Street. Mountain Water's work should be finished in a couple of days, but the city also is doing some work, so Fifth won't be back to normal for several more weeks.