Vendors slammed with customers at Paul McCartney concert


MISSOULA, Mont. - More than 25,000 people attended Paul McCartney's concert in Missoula, and many people stopped to get food.

Vendors told NBC Montana they were slammed for a good four hours with people coming to get food, and it was a good day for sales.

"Four hours of just straight work, of just going through and giving everyone the food that they wanted and everything like that. It was a wonderful day for business," Kieran Burkholder, of Great Ape Crepes.

Great Ape Crepes is a mobile business that came all the way from Helena. They always try to attend big events.

"Try and make it to these bigger events, especially because it's such a great way to get our name out there, too," said Burkholder.

Right next to them, the Covered Wagon was selling hot dogs throughout the day.

"Multiple lines, people ordering anywhere from three to 15 hot dogs, sometimes," explained Ryan Hazen.

Despite the long lines, the vendors had fun with the people and just kept working to make sure the line moved fast.

"We were dishing out hot dogs as fast as we can. It was a lot of fun; everyone was having a good time, getting some food and ready for the concert," said Covered Wagon employee Nathan Wildboer.

An employee at the Covered Wagon said they had already sold 450 hot dogs before the concert was over.