Veteran needs moved personal documents returned


MISSOULA, Mont. - We are digging deeper into complaints against 43-year-old Daniel Rachell from veterans he represented at the Valley Veterans Center in Hamilton.

Rachell is a claims agent -- a liaison between veterans and the Veterans Administration. The center serves thousands of veterans. Rachell has power of attorney for the specific veterans he represents, in order to talk about their medical records with the government. Officials tell us some of those clients complained about the way Rachell treated them. So, the center launched an internal investigation. It closed for a few days in March. Rachell resigned. Now, we are uncovering that Rachell took veterans personal records and documents home with him. Two of those clients have contacted us. They say they need their documents back. We visited Army veteran Patrick Bowler who claims incompetency has cost him $1,400 a month and will increase to $2,200 a month in 6 weeks if he can't get a hold of needed forms that Rachell has reportedly taken to his home. Bowler says he doesn't know how long he can keep his house if he can't get his papers before the upcoming deadline. "It's costing me and everyone else time and potentially our livelihoods for the time being. I am not trying to ask for any type of handout whatsoever. I am wanting what's coming to me so I can survive." Officials at the Valley Veterans Center told NBC Montana anyone worried about their personal documents should contact the center. Bowler says the center has given him no time line as to when his documents might be returned.

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